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About Us

WestBridge Associates Counselling and Consulting Services
"Serving London and Area Since 1982"
located at
650 Waterloo St., Suite 100
London, Ontario
provides confidential, professional counselling
in such areas as...

Relationship / Marriage /Couple/ Family/ Individual Difficulties

Anxiety / Depression / Stress

Abuse / Trauma

Personal Growth / Self Esteem

Grief / Loss / Chronic Illness

Addiction Related Concerns

Adult/ Adolescents and Children

When you contact WestBridge Associates, you are accessing a wide range of expertise from a diverse, highly skilled group of counsellors and psychotherapists. We ensure that you are seen for an appointment with a minimal waiting period. At the first appointment, you and your counsellor will assess your needs together and develop a plan that is appropriate for you. The number of appointments is determined jointly between you and your counsellor.

Service Fees

Client payments are based on:

  • Fee for service sliding scale based on family income (direct fee payment)
  • Insurance coverage for Masters Degree Counsellors
  • Preapproved agreements with E.A.P. companies and individual corporations

Some counselling fees may be covered by extended health care benefits. We accept Worker's Compensation and Auto Insurance cases.

Further information can be obtained upon inquiry.

WestBridge Associates www.powerflower.ca